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Securing Your RV with Help from a Trusted Brandon Insurance Agency

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are always fun to use when you’re aiming to travel out in the countryside, but you still need insurance for such a massive investment. In a blog post for the insurance info resource CarInsurance.org, writer Cecil Helton says:

Insuring Your RV

If you’re considering the purchase of a recreational vehicle (RV), you should know beforehand that such vehicles require much more complex coverage than most car insurance policies. That’s probably not a shock, but since RVs are much larger and because they can even act as a residence during your time on the road, the policies attached to them have a number of features you won’t find in a typical auto policy. Before we cover these differences, we suggest talking to a tax advisor about an RV purchase. You may be eligible for a tax write off as part of a home mortgage deduction on your RV.


The above may weigh heavily on current RV owners in Brandon, FL, or even residents interested in buying one. The Hillsborough County community already has at least one RV dealership straddling State Road 60 offering you a wide number of choices, not to mention trailer parks within a few miles. If you’re moving towards buying a RV or insuring your current vehicle, a reputable Brandon insurance agency like Romero Insurance and Financial Services will give you the extensive coverage the vehicle deserves. 


You’re my Type!

Determining the level of insurance for the RV depends on its configuration. A self-propelled RV must be covered under its own collision and comprehensive policy. Trailer-class RVs will require a comprehensive coverage policy marked on the towing vehicle itself; Helton says the trailer will be covered under the policy the second it’s hitched up. The size of the RV also warrants higher collision premiums since they can cause bigger damage in an incident, like a trailer RV fishtailing on the highway. 


Like a Home

As RVs are essentially homes, taking out a policy requires extensive efforts akin to getting a homeowner policy, with variables like personal liability and property coverage accounted for in the premium. They are essential because you may be taking along loved ones and valuables for the ride. If your insurer points out the minimum coverage premium needed for the RV, you should pay a higher amount to be on the safest possible side. 

A RV will always be there for you when you need it. Professionals at car insurance in Brandon, FL like the team at Romero Insurance & Financial Services will help you keep it that way. 


(Source: Tips for Insuring Your RV, Car Insurance.org)

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