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Auto Insurance Coverage in Florida

Securing auto insurance around the Brandon, Lithia, Valrico, Riverview and Tampa areas requires a lot of consideration. It is difficult to come up with an exact figure for the amount of coverage you will need in the event something happens to your vehicle. Moreover, the policy of your choice needs to comply with Florida law. You will need some expert help in selecting a policy, and Romero Insurance & Financial Services is prepared to walk you through the process.


Auto insurance coverage will protect you against financial losses that could occur as a result of driving a vehicle that becomes damaged or stolen. These types of policies are divided into two parts consisting of collision coverage and liability coverage. Collision coverage is designed to protect you from potentially high costs of repairing your own vehicle following an accident. Therefore, if you hit another driver's vehicle, your collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your own car.


Should your vehicle become totaled in a wreck, your collision coverage will pay you for the current value of your car before it had been damaged. Typically, collision coverage is optional, however if you finance your car through a dealer or other lender, it is normally required prior to you being qualified for the loan.


Liability coverage is the other part of your auto insurance policy. This component will pay for the damage that is incurred if you are at fault for causing an accident. For example, if you run into another vehicle, your liability coverage will pay to repair the other driver's car.


In addition, this portion of your auto insurance policy will also pay for the medical bills that may be incurred by any other individuals who are injured in the wreck and, if you cause damage to other property such as a building or a fence, the liability portion of your auto policy will also pay for some or all of the necessary repairs.


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Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements in Florida

In the state of Florida, the minimum auto insurance coverage limits that may be carried by drivers is $10,000 for Personal Injury Protection and $10,000 for Property Damage Liability. In addition, if a driver has been involved in an accident or has been convicted of certain offenses, they may also be required to obtain Bodily Injury Liability coverage as well.


Everyone's auto insurance needs are different and the price of coverage can vary a great deal depending upon the make, model, and year of your vehicle as well as your age and past driving history.


At Romero Insurance and Financial Services, we are independent agents. This means that we are not tied to one particular property and casualty insurance company or product and we can provide you with information on the type of policies that will truly best fit your specific needs.


Romero Insurance & Financial Services provides health, home, and auto insurance policies in Brandon, Lithia, Valrico, Riverview, and Tampa, Florida. Contact us for more information.

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